RV and Boat Storage Unit Size Guide

Large RV Storage in Oshkosh WI

At Toy Box Boat and RV Storage in Oshkosh, WI, we understand that choosing the perfect storage size can sometimes feel like a puzzle. But with our state-of-the-art facility, designed with your convenience in mind, finding the right fit becomes effortless.

Why is the right unit size crucial? The correct storage size ensures that your boat or RV is adequately protected without wasting space or money. Moreover, an appropriate fit can even extend the life of your boat or RV by preventing unnecessary wear and tear. Let’s delve into the RV and boat storage unit size guide:

Small RV & Boat Storage

  • Tailored for those with compact storage needs.
  • A great fit for those looking to store smaller boats, jet skis, or pop-up campers.
  • Especially useful during the off-season when these vehicles aren’t in regular use.
  • Always measure your RV or boat’s dimensions to confirm fit, keeping in mind factors like height and length.

Medium RV & Boat Storage

  • A versatile option for those with mid-sized storage demands.
  • Fits larger boats, renowned fishing vessels, and average-sized RVs or travel trailers comfortably.
  • Also houses supplemental equipment such as fishing gear, petite boat motors, and RV additions.
  • Keep in mind the width—boats with extra equipment or wider trailers may need additional breathing room.

Large RV & Boat Storage

  • Crafted for enthusiasts who own sizable recreational vehicles.
  • Accommodates large RV classes, including Class A motorhomes, sprawling fifth wheels, and grand boats or yachts.
  • Offers ample room for related items like life jackets, powerful boat motors, and RV decor.
  • Remember to gauge clearance heights; taller RVs or boats with added structures might require more headspace.

Making the right choice not only ensures the safety of your prized possessions but also provides ease of access and peace of mind. Our team at Toy Box Boat and RV Storage is always here to assist. We’re committed to ensuring that your storage experience in Oshkosh, WI, is straightforward, efficient, and tailored to your needs. If you need additional guidance for storing, be sure to check out our RV Storage and Boat Storage feature pages!